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  1. Baseball / Softball (optional)
  2. Basketball (optional)
  3. Picnic Areas (optional)
  4. Playground (optional)
  5. Restrooms (optional)
  6. Soccer (optional)
The Gonzalo Paiz Park is located at 525 N. Frio. It has a big playground and two (2) sets of swings to accommodate the children. It has an area for soccer fields, a basketball court, as well as a skateboard theme area and two (2) enclosed tennis courts.  It has three (3) baseball fields, two (2) girl softball fields (You will need to get authorization prior to using the baseball fields)
 There are several tables throughout the park for a nice picnic with family and friends. The park also has a one (1) mile walking trail which many citizens utilize to walk and enjoy the scenery throughout the park.

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