Pet Licensing & Permits

City of Mathis City Ordinance No, 0-09-006
Section. 3.01 License Required

Application for license and payment of the applicable license fee shall be made to the city. The application shall include the name, address and phone number of the applicant, a description of the dog or cat as to breed, color and sex, and a current valid rabies certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian.

Application for a license must be made within 30 days after obtaining a dog or cat over 4 months of age.

Upon acceptance of the dog or cat license application, the city shall issue a durable license Tag stamped with an identifying number.

City Tag Fee- $10.00 and must be paid in a form of a Money order payable to the City of Mathis. 

Sec. 3.02 Fee Exempt License
A fee exempt license shall be issued for dogs trained to assist audio and visually impaired persons and those trained as living assistance dogs.

Sec. 3.03 Number of Dogs and Cats Limited
No More than 4 dogs or cats, over 4 months of age will be permitted at any one address.

Tags can be picked up at the Mathis Police Department located at 214 N. Nueces Street in Mathis