Divisions of the Mathis Police Department

The Mathis Police Department is organized into two major divisions:  Uniform Services Division and Criminal Investigations Division.  Each division falls under the command of an Operations Lieutenant, Brent Grundstrom.  The most visible division is the Uniform Services Division.  The Uniform Services Division is composed of two sections, the Uniform Patrol Section and Communications Section.

Uniform Services Division

Uniform Patrol Section

The Uniform Patrol Section is the most visible section of the Uniform Services Division and under the command of Operations Lieutenant Brent Grundstrom.  The section is responsible for crime suppression through aggressive patrols, answering calls for service from the public, enforcing traffic laws, and providing the initial investigation for most criminal offenses.

Professional police coverage is provided by the men and women assigned to the Uniform Patrol Section.  The department is staffed 24 hours per day, 365 days per year by the dedicated personnel of the Uniformed Patrol Division and the Communication Section.  The men and women of this section handled 8,608 calls for service in 2020.  The total number of traffic citations was 413 with 752 traffic contacts which ended with the operator receiving one or more warnings for traffic violations.

Communications Section

The Communications Section is fully staffed at five (4-full-time and 1-part-time) Telecommunications Officers.  The section is supervised by the Telecommunications Supervisor Ian Whitehill.

The Communications Section is responsible for receiving all emergency and non-emergency calls, including telephone device for the deaf, for police, fire, and EMS services.  This section handles the dispatching of all calls for service of police, fire, and EMS through the use of the department's radio system. 

Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division is led by Operations Lieutenant Brent Grundstrom.  The Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for the investigation of crimes, apprehension of offenders and recovery of stolen property.  Detectives have opportunities to investigate crimes from the onset of the report through prosecution.  This Division is composed of two Detectives:  1st Detective: Operations Lieutenant-Brent Grundstrom, 2nd Detective: Sgt. of CID-Brandon Villegas and 1-Part-time CID Clerk-Marivel Deleon.