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  • Memorial Day is reserved for the final Monday of May every year and is held at the Ramsower Park located at 215 N. Duval.
  • Veterans Day is reserved on November 11 of every year and is held at the Ramsower Park located at 215 N. Duval.
  • The Festival & Events Committee will hold the Fourth (4th) of July event at the 100 Acre Property located at 999 S. Hwy 359. The entrance is located on the right side, passed the 500 block of Montana Street. This event begins with the Parade on Thursday, July 4th, in the evening, with the celebration events on Friday, July 5th and concluding on Saturday, July 6th. Contact information can be located in the Festival & Events Committee subpage under the About Mathis page.
  • Little league games begin in the middle of April and conclude in the middle of June. Games are played at the Gonzalo Paiz Park located at 525 N. Frio.