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New Water Accounts
Bank Draft Application
Sign Up for Bank Drafting
Paying your utility bill is easier than ever with automatic bank drafting. To sign up for bank drafting:
  • Just fill out an authorization form, this form can requested with the Utility Billing Clerk
  • Mail or deliver the form to the Utility Billing Department (or return with your next payment) along with a voided check or photocopy of a check.

That's it! It is simple, easy and convenient. If you are ready to sign on the dotted line, just click here, fill out the form, print, sign and return it to the address below along with a voided check or photocopy of a check.

City of Mathis
Utility Billing Department
411 East San Patricio Avenue
Mathis, Texas 78368

Bank Drafting Process
After we receive your information, we will set up automatic bank drafting with the financial institution of your choice. Once your bank drafting is complete, your billing statement will be noted "Paid by Draft." You will continue to receive a monthly water bill, which will indicate a "due date."

Note: Please pay any current bill and allow 30 to 45 days for automatic drafting to begin. Your bank draft will be completed on the due date of your monthly bill. (No drafting will occur on weekends or holidays.)

Please be sure to maintain sufficient funds in your account to cover the automatic withdrawal each month. If your automatic draft is returned for insufficient funds, your financial institution will assess a penalty and the City of Mathis will assess the same penalty that would apply for a dishonored check.

Cancelling Your Automatic Bank Draft
Should you wish to cancel your automatic bank draft, please contact our office at 361-547-3343.

Request New Residential Service
Please read the information below regarding starting your new residential account:
  • A beginning fee of $150  is required to begin service using a standard 3/4” residential meter. Larger meters require different deposits.
  • Payment of the deposit must be received before we can connect your services at: 
    City of Mathis
    Utility Billing Department
    411 E. San Patricio Ave.
  • Mathis, Texas 78368
    Phone: (361) 547-3343
    Fax: (361) 547-3838
  • It can take up to six weeks to receive your first bill. If you do not receive a bill, please contact the office. You will be responsible for payment for the services.
  • Water connections are scheduled for completion between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm. If you need to change the date for service, you must contact us in advance at (361) 547-3343 at least one business day in advance.
  • The City of Mathis bills every month. Please pay special attention to the due dates. By ordinance, a late payment charge of 5% of bill is assessed after the due date if payment is not received.    If payment is not received in full by 4:30pm on the 23rd your account will become delinquent and be added to the disconnect list and will be assessed a $20.00 reconnect fee even if the account is not disconnected.
  • The services billed for are water, sewer and solid waste.
  • Start New Service
    For more information, go to the Utility Billing Department at the City of Mathis website or call City Hall at (361) 547-3343.